Save Ukraine Student Movement

Slava Ukrayini! Unite students around the world to provide aid and Save Ukraine.

Our Mission

To unite students around the world to take action and provide aid to Save Ukraine. 

We have a variety of goals, projects, and initiatives which you can read about here.  Our platform serves as a grassroots campaign aggregator to help Ukraine & other volunteer organizations, in addition to our own initiatives. We independently verify all of them for legitimacy before partnering. 


Our Vision

We see a future where international law, sovereignty, and human rights are respected.  By banning together as a massive international student community, we can apply pressure on world leaders to take action against Putin’s military aggression. We aim to provide the maximum humanitarian aid to Ukraine. 

Members already joined
Cities where we have members
Nationalities mobilized to save Ukraine

Our Goals

Our goals include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine
  • Use our student status to push world leaders into action to condemn Putin’s actions
  • Report and combat disinformation and Russian campaigns on social media
  • Furnish journalists with the latest breaking news unfolding on the ground in Ukraine
  • Verified, fact-check information about donations to Ukraine
  • Create solidarity T-Shirt and use the funds to deliver medical equipment to Ukraine
  • To do anything in our power, using our networks and resources, to make a proactive difference to save ukraine


Maintaining transparency regarding our movement and the operations of our partners is vital.  Answering questions like how we choose who to partner with and exactly where your money is going are a key part of our goals.