About Us

The morning Russia invaded Ukraine, Margo (Co-Director) came up with the idea to film Ukrainian students living abroad. As more and more people began to submit videos and ask how they can get involved, our movement Save Ukraine Student Movement began. 

They address their respective host countries’ representatives in their languages to demonstrate student sentiment for the unfolding geopolitical situation and call for their direct action and support.

We grew from one YouTube video to a global student movement with hundreds of members – each working collectively towards our goals.

Our departments - Save Ukraine Student Movement

  • Social Media Content Management
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Video Content Creation & Edition
  • Photo & Graphics Content Creation
  • General Administration & Organization – Manager
  • Translations
  • Research
  • Human Resources
  • Transparency
  • General Resources 
  • Information Security
  • Legal
    • Compliance and Transparency Regime Specialist – OPEN 
    • French Jurisdiction – OPEN 
    • German Jurisdiction – OPEN
    • Accounting Specialist – OPEN 
    • Administrative law Specialist – OPEN 
    • Tax Specialist – OPEN
  • Event Organization
  • Grassroots (cross-functional)
  • Corporate Relations
  • Academic Institutions Relations
  • Government Relations
  • International Organization Relations
  • Press Relations & Journalism
  • Legal Aid
  • Refugee Relations
  • Breaking News
  • T-Shirt