Save Ukraine Student Movement

Our Ongoing Projects

The best thing we can possibly do as a massive student movement is to apply pressure and provide aid.  Our power lies in our numbers and in our networks.  The most dangerous thing one can believe that they are powerless, and that doing good, even the smallest amount, is worthless.  Individuals do indeed have the power to change the world.   For these reasons, The Save Ukraine Student Movement focuses on the projects below. 


Project 1: Our Student & Alumni Networks

With over a hundred members, we use our student & alumni networks to achieve our goals, which you can read about on our home page.

Project 2: Our Government Representatives

We're using our extensive global network to pressure the government representatives and policy markers to take viable action. Ideally, this includes both humanitarian and military aid. By petitioning, emailing, calling, and meeting with whomever we can.

Project 3: Our Videos

This was our origin. We compiled videos of Ukrainian students all around the world to send strong messages to world leaders. You can watch them on our YouTube Chanel.

Project 4: Our Research

The quality of information we provide as news and as resources is key. We have a research department dedicated to sourcing the information necessary to keep us running and factual.

Project 5: Our Corporate Contacts

We have a multifaceted approach to our corporate relations. The first is to pressure companies, as their customers, to stop conducting business in Russia in the form of protest. Our second goal is to work with companies to provide a young, global and Ukrainian perspective on how to best help refugees find work. Our third goal is to obtain sponsorship to further our donation goals and mitigate Ukraine's humanitarian crisis.

Project 6: Our International Organizations

We are actively trying to contact organizations and supranational bodies such as the EU, UN, NATO, IMF, WHO, UNICEF, etc. to see how we can help them achieve their goals and what we can continue to do as students. This also includes requesting their sponsorship, so we can continue to meet our goals.

Project 7: Cyber Security

Wars are fought not only on battlefields, but also in the cyberspace. From trying to catch and combat Russian disinformation, to setting up our own initiatives to help Ukraine win in the information war. If you are good with computers or generally interested in the information space, please get in touch with us.

Project 8: Events

We increase student awareness through organizing events which will allow individuals to enjoy themselves as well as support this important cause. Fundraising events are held by different individuals, many in conjunction with their universities in order to raise funds to help the struggling families and individuals in Ukraine. Our target is to raise funds which will be sent to UNICEF Ukraine that will be redistributed to the affected children and families in Ukraine.

Project 9: Social Media Campaigns

Raising awareness through social media is an important factor for our development. We aim to post and share as much as possible through our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Our team is mobilized to share breaking news straight from Ukraine every day. We also share initiatives, informational content, crowdfunding opportunities.

Project 10: Breaking News

Not everyone has the time to go through all the information and news about what is happening in Ukraine. We are working everyday to provide you with the most interesting piece of information in order for you to stay up to date and well-informed.

Project 11: Resources

We have a variety of resources under three main categories: general resources, refugee resources, and mental health resources. General resources include verified, fact-checked news, verified donation sites, and location-specific information regarding volunteer opportunities and what's needed in what city. You can read more about our other resources below.

Project 12: Grassroots Campaigns

As we are now a global, organized movement, we would like to offer our structure, reach, and resources to other local movements aligned with our goals. We will do our best to partner with them, offer guidance, volunteers, media coverage, our networks, and our resources. We are all fighting the same war.

Project 13: Translating

Given the vast amount of information we are processing and sharing, we have a translation department with dozens of different languages. This allows us to translate breaking news, as well as provide important information to refugees and host countries as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Project 14: Our Refugees

Our organization exists to support any and every person seeking refuge and support during times of need - and that time is now. Our aim is to connect any refugee who comes our way to the proper relocation, legal, financial, and other forms of resources so that they may be greeted with some semblance of comfort, security, and humanity amidst uncertain times.

Project 15: Mental Health Resources

Our goal is to connect refugees and students within our community to their desired mental health resources in these trying times. We are trying to form partnerships with pro bono mental health professionals.

Project 16: Legal Aid

We seek to work closely law firms, independent practices, and refugee agencies to provide pro bono legal assistance to those in need. The work done by our members is primarily in the realm of research and the preparation of briefs to be presented to law firms and other legal professionals.

Project 17: Our Academic Relations

This part of our work is sectioned into four parts: U.S. Universities, European Universities, U.S. School Districts, and U.S. High Schools. Our goal is to work together as students to pressure our governments and policy markers with the weight of our academic instructions behind us. Forging these relationships and establishing a united front is vital to enact change.

Project 18: Our Transparency

We believe that part of our strength comes from collaboration and resource sharing. We want to make our volunteers, our network, and our resources available to other initiatives that support Ukraine. In order to do this, we are developing a screening method in order to assess these factors and scheduling meetings with group representatives to verify their requirements.

Project 19: Our Press Relations & Journalism

Our power is in our numbers and our network. We frequently contact journalists all over the world to share information about our movement. We also pass on breaking news & leads directly from Telegram to our contacts as soon as we translate and fact-check the information.

Project 20: Our Merchandising

In partnership with Save Ukraine student movement, Stand Up Ukraine designed a collection of t-shirts and bags where 100% of the profit will be sent to humanitarian aid, and more specifically, medical equipment. We crafted merchandise that is both comfortable and supports the cause, all while sending a strong message.

Project 21: War Crimes Investigations

We have a team of law and international relations students working on investigating and registering potential war crimes committed in Ukraine by the Russian army. They are working in the live time, which makes their job a bit more challenging, but not less interesting. The goal is to prepare articles about war crimes and submit them to relevant authorities

We would like to specify that we are not policy makers – but we are drivers in actionable change.  We would also like to state that we are all part-time volunteers.  We are doing everything in our power to do something. By not responding – we are accepting the new norm, and that will not be tolerated by the next generation of doers and leaders.